The Things That Inevitably Will Happen When You Date in a Small(ish) City

Inevitable Truths About Dating in a Small(ish) City

Country singer Sam Hunt has a new song called “Breakup in a Small Town,” which makes me laugh because though I live in a pretty big city, it definitely feels small sometimes. This is especially true on the dating front. Over the past year or so of dating in a small(ish) city, I’ve learned that there are a few inevitable truths about this situation:

You and your friends will match with the same people on a dating site

I once got a message from someone who said, “Do you know a girl named (insert my friend’s name here)?” When I said that I did, he explained that he had matched with her as well, and that I was in one of her pictures on Tinder. Welp…

You will be talking to two different people on a dating app and they will be out together.

Hey, Jesse and Chip who were at the bowling alley together when I matched with them.

You will run into someone you went out with once two years ago when you’re on another date. Or at the grocery store. Or just everywhere. Literally everywhere.

Do you say hi? Do you avert your eyes? There will be sweating involved.

You will end up on a date with someone who lives in your neighborhood/condo building/apartment complex.

Better hope it doesn’t end poorly.

You will be out on a Saturday, then come home to find someone has messaged you saying, “Hey, did I see you out at (insert bar’s name here)?”

You will try to tell yourself you have a recognizable face, like a celebrity. In reality, you’ve just been on Tinder too long and are starting to become Tinder famous.

You will explain your whole life story at least 3,000 times.

If I have to type the words, “I’m a writer. I write for businesses and also for sites like The Huffington Post and Elite Daily and Thought Catalog and some magazines and the paper in town. I came down here mostly for a change of scenery but sort of for a job ” one more time, my head may actually fall off. Sometimes I actually think about creating a website that gives my backstory that I can just link to when these questions are asked of me, but that seems a tad aggressive.

A perk of dating in a small big city? If you’re a real Google sleuth and are ready to use your network, you can usually work to find out some details about your potential suitor before you get roped into a drinks date that may end up being a major mistake. Gotta look on the bright side, right?


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