I Think I Found A New Year’s Resolution That’s Actually Not Eyeroll Inducing


I’m generally pretty skeptical about all things New Year’s Eve. To me the holiday is most closely associated with paying too much for an open bar, freezing, kissing someone you shouldn’t at midnight, and dealing with at least one friend who’s too drunk and crying. Then you’ve got the resolutions part of the holiday.

“I’m going to get up at 5 every morning to work out!”

“I’m going to learn a new language!”

“I’m going to learn how to cook!”

By March we’re all sleeping in, speaking only English, and picking up a salad on the way home from work.


But as 2015 winds down, I’ve come up with a New Year’s resolution for myself that I think is actually manageable and not deserving of a million eyerolls: I want to incorporate meditation into my daily routine.

When you head over to a mall directory, you’ll see “you are here” in big letters. If I’m that mall directory, it often feels like I’m physically situated in the spot marked “you are here,” but mentally I’m dashing off to Lululemon, wandering over to H&M, and making a pit stop at Auntie Ann’s. It’s hard for me to zero in on the present moment and really enjoy it, taking things as they come. I’m always thinking ahead, worrying, getting excited about the future, and hanging out on social media. Sometimes all at once.

I’ve noticed that there’s this feeling operating somewhere just below my consciousness that if I don’t check my phone all the time I’ll let everyone down because someone obviously must need me right this minute.

I’m hoping that practicing meditation will get me better at focusing on the present moment, letting go of unnecessary stress, and using my energy more effectively. I’ve been looking into some different programs that are appropriate for beginners, and I found that Gabby Bernstein (a life coach I’m a big fan of) has some good stuff on her website. The meditations are short, not too touchy feely (I get easily weirded out when things get too spiritual/religious/out of my comfort zone), and seem doable for a newbie.

So this is officially my 2016 resolution and I’m hoping to stick to it. I’m not kidding myself about ass-busting gym routines or learning 12 new hobbies. I’d just like to be a little more zen and focused in 2016. Check back in March and we’ll see how it’s going. If you want to take a look at the meditations I’m going to start with, you can find them here on Gabby’s site.

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