If You’re Tired of Wearing the Same Dress to Every Wedding and Holiday Party…

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I’d heard of Rent the Runway before, but for some reason it never actually occurred to me to use this mega convenient service. If you’re not familiar, Rent the Runway lets you borrow a gorgeous dress for an event, then ship it back when you’re done. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars each time you have to go to a wedding or party and don’t want to wear the same thing you always wear, you can change up your look for a fraction of the price.

This past weekend, my friend asked me to be his date to his company holiday party. I was super excited but also unsure about what to wear. Funds are limited for me this time of year because I just bought everyone Christmas presents, so instead of buying something new I decided to finally try out Rent the Runway. I was nervous that the dress I ordered wouldn’t fit me, but they let you get two different sizes, so that was convenient. There are also a lot of detailed reviews for each dress, so you can get a sense of what size you should order based of what past customers have done.

I rented this Nicole Miller dress for $60 bucks (it retails for $375) and it fit perfectly. I loved the side cutouts because they made it sexy, but the cut of the dress kept the whole thing classy.




When I was done, I just had to put it back in its little carrier bag, attached the prepaid UPS label, stick it in a UPS dropbox, and I was on my merry way. Super easy. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought to try this before, but I’m so glad I finally did. If you’ve got holiday parties coming up or want to be ready for wedding season, I’d highly recommend it. They ship to anywhere in the U.S. and also have a few stores throughout the country. Plus, they handle the dry cleaning for you.

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