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The Answer is No, You’re Not Being Too Picky

Single people are frequently asked if maybeee they’re being too picky. The question is posed in an innocent, unassuming way, but the implication is that yes, you’re being too picky and this is why you’re still single. I guess there are instances when it’s possible to be too picky. When you’re obsessing about height, maybe, or if you’re too hung up […]

The Surprisingly Non-Depressing Realizations I’ve Had After Two Years of Being Single

Today is my two-year single anniversary. My single-versary, I guess you could call it. I sort of figured it was coming up, but then I logged onto Timehop and saw a bunch of vague, semi-emo posts and I was like, “Ahhh, yep. There it is.” Being single for a long time has its depressing moments, […]

Why A Short Stint on Tinder Should be a Mandatory Requirement for Everyone

My parents not-so-secretly think I suck at dating. They try to act like this isn’t true, but every time I talk to them, it’s clear that deep down they fear I have no earthly idea what I’m doing and that I will never successfully produce grandchildren. To be fair, sometimes I actually don’t know what the hell is happening […]

Sometimes You Need to Embrace the Sh*ttiness of a Day

I had a really sh*tty day the other day. I won’t bore you with the list of things both small and larger that created the suckage, but it wasn’t pleasant. Let’s blame Mercury, which is STILL in retrograde. As I sat at my desk trying to get real work done but actually just staring at […]

I Love Theme Parties, So I’m Definitely Into the Idea of Theme Years

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately where the authors talk about choosing a word that will act as their theme word for the year. “Unsubscribe” was one I saw, meaning the author was unsubscribing from unnecessary drama. My friend Kimberly selected “permission” as her word. Since I’m super into theme parties, I decided […]