I Love Theme Parties, So I’m Definitely Into the Idea of Theme Years

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately where the authors talk about choosing a word that will act as their theme word for the year. “Unsubscribe” was one I saw, meaning the author was unsubscribing from unnecessary drama. My friend Kimberly selected “permission” as her word. Since I’m super into theme parties, I decided that a theme year would be something I could definitely get down with. But choosing the theme itself required some thought. After careful consideration, I’ve decided that energy is my theme word for 2016.

This word can work in a few different ways, which I like:

  • I want to focus on projects that make me feel energized: Life is short and you spend a huge chunk of your week at work; you might as well like what you’re doing. I want to make sure that the assignments I pick up leave me feeling excited to open up my computer and get started.
  • I want to focus on friendships that bring good energy with them: I know sometimes you have to be civil to people you’re not crazy about because it’s part of being an adult and such, but I really want to be careful about who I spend my time with this year. I should leave a coffee date or dinner feeling energized and happy, not drained and ready to curl up on the couch. The people I spend the most time with should have a good energy about them. No bad vibes allowed in 2016.
  • I need to learn to say “no” to people or things that drain my energy: Again, sometimes you have to do things to be polite, but it’s also important to learn when saying the word “no” firmly and repeatedly is necessary. You don’t need to feel bad about taking a night to just stay in and go to bed early. You don’t need to remain connected with someone on social media whose posts make you roll your eyes so hard you think they may fall out of your head. Self- care is essential and preserving your own energy is a must.

I want 2016 to be a year of great energy, both in a literal and figurative sense. I want to continue to meet and develop relationships with happy, positive people. I want to sleep better and feel well-rested in the morning. I want to pick up projects that leave me excited to get started. I want to learn what leaves me feeling energized and what makes me feel drained, and plan my day accordingly.

What’s your theme word for the year?

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