Sometimes You Need to Embrace the Sh*ttiness of a Day

How To Get Over The Crappiest of Days

I had a really sh*tty day the other day. I won’t bore you with the list of things both small and larger that created the suckage, but it wasn’t pleasant. Let’s blame Mercury, which is STILL in retrograde. As I sat at my desk trying to get real work done but actually just staring at my computer, I decided I needed to change my approach.

I opted to open up my “To Do” list on my phone and immediately tackle the three tasks that seemed the most annoying. Not necessarily the most difficult, just the most “ick.” It was pretty clear that this day was sucktastic and would continue to be this way, so I was going to embrace the vibe completely and just go with it. Instead of letting the crappy tasks I had to do ruin the following day too, I would get them out of the way while I was already in the middle of a full-on no good, very bad day.

With that, I sat on hold with my credit card company’s customer service department. When that task was done, I felt reasonably accomplished. Next up on my list? Doing some invoicing. I LOVE to write, but I hate the task necessary to get paid to write. I know, it makes no sense, but it’s just the way it is. But I sat down and knocked out all of my invoicing so that I didn’t have to let it pollute the following day. Knowing that I would have some cash money coming my way shortly, I felt slightly more positive once again. Finally, I sat and wrote a radio commercial I had been struggling with.

When that was done, I felt slightly better. I had gotten some things done and I knew that the next day I wouldn’t have to deal with these annoying tasks. That helped. When that was over, I really didn’t feel like writing anymore and I certainly didn’t feel like making a real, adult dinner. Instead of forcing myself to do both of these things, I ate Triscuits and hummus and sat and caught up on Shameless. Then I went to bed at an hour usually reserved for when you have the flu or have just been dumped.

Normally I would beat myself up for watching TV all night and eating like a college freshman. But that night I decided to embrace it, and I felt so much better. The day was a wash and I was okay with that. Once I accepted this and got a lot of sleep, I woke up feeling so much more refreshed and focused.

Sometimes you have to embrace the sh*ttiness of a day. Really dig into it and accept that today you’re the bug instead of the windshield. Then, go to bed and move on. Get ready for a new, fresh start and don’t let the awful Tuesday or Wednesday or whatever it was follow you into the rest of the week. Instead of trying to force yourself to turn the day around, give yourself the freedom to sulk, knowing that you’ll make the next day better. Everyone deserves to throw a pity party once in a while, as long as you’re willing to start fresh when your alarm goes off the next day.

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