Why I, A Former Obsessive Texter, Have Hit My Texting Max

Why I'm So Over Texting

I used to hate talking on the phone. I never knew how to wrap up the conversation without being like, “K I’m done now. Bye.” Then inevitably you end up talking over each other at least once or twice, which is uncomfortable too. That’s why I used to be perfectly content being a constant texter. Whether it was casually catching up with friends or making plans for that evening, sending dozens of messages back and forth didn’t bother me.

But lately, that’s changed. I’m fine texting every so often, but I’ve found myself craving an old-fashioned phone conversation too. I think part of it is that dating and texting are a horrible combination. You spend so much time typing your whole life story over and over again on a tiny device that you swear you’re going to give yourself carpal tunnel. Eventually you want to just say, “Hey, I know this might weird you out because it’s 2016 and we prefer everything to be totally unemotional and disconnected, but can we stop typing each other novels and cover this same ground in a much more condensed amount of time on the phone?”

Even beyond dating though, there’s something so much nicer about talking on the phone. You get to hear your best friend’s voice. You get to hear the dogs barking in the background as you talk to your mom. You get to take three minutes to make plans instead of going back and forth over text for 20 minutes. You know that nothing will be misconstrued because you’re hearing the person’s inflection and tone instead of trying to interpret it as you decipher a string of emojis.

Unfortunately it seems like we’re becoming even more text dependent and less comfortable picking up the phone. When someone calls you, you usually assume someone died. But I would love to bring it old school once again and make casual phone conversations the norm. It’s so much easier to keep up a relationship or start a new one when you’re not staring at little bubbles on a screen, waiting for a block of text to appear.

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  1. Totally agree with this one! Sometimes my husband and I will be texting back and forth and then he will just call and say “this is ridiculous–let’s just talk”. 🙂 The “real” conversation definitely has its place today. 🙂

    • ljmlevine says:

      Exactly! That happens to me too. I’ll go back and forth with my mom until one of us finally picks up the phone! Thanks for reading, Beth Ann!

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