If You’re in a Book Club (Or Want to Be) This is Your New BFF

I take great pride in my Book Club. I’ve organized it for over two years, and though we’re mostly a wine drinking club with a reading problem, I look forward to the discussions we have each month. If I may brag, I think our crew toes the line between thought-provoking and “Okay that’s enough let’s just chat about life now” in a way that you have to respect. People ask what we read, and it’s honestly a little bit of everything, though for some reason we seem to have been on a World War II kick lately. Have you guys read All The Light We Cannot See? If not, you absolutely must. It’s one of my favorites. I wrote about it here.

Besides various types of pinot grigio and styles of fiction, Book Club has also reintroduced me to the library. I used to be a huge fan of the library when I was a kid, but in recent years I’ve become an Amazon Prime junkie. I’m all about that instant gratification, I guess. When I decide I want a book, I need to see it on my iPad immediately, and I didn’t consider that maybe the library would help enable this annoying trait. However, I recently learned that the library is modern as hell and lets you download books for Kindles, iPads, etc. so you can continue with your “I want it now” state of mind without forking over $10 bucks a pop on a book you might not even like. The library in my area also has an app, so when I want to be really savage I can log on and reserve the book while I’m still at Book Club so I don’t have to worry about being on a wait list with the rest of the group. Just kidding. Kind of.

If you haven’t had a library card since 2002, I’d seriously suggest getting one. Whether you prefer having an actual book in your hands or you want it to your Kindle, they’ve got you covered. One note though: I didn’t realize you couldn’t automatically renew all book downloads when I first started using my library card. Just because you’re reading something electronic, doesn’t mean it’ll stick around forever (especially if it’s a popular title), so get reading.

What are you reading now? We’re always taking suggestions for our next Book Club meeting!

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