What Bachelorette JoJo Can Teach Us About Owning a First Date


I’m a huge fan of JoJo, this season’s Bachelorette. 1.) I think she’s adorable 2.) I’m jealous of her hair but (most importantly) 3.) I think she’d be really fun to hang out with. She seems to be authentic and unafraid to be herself. Beyond these points, I also think JoJo is quite excellent at dating. Though I do a podcast about dating and have been on my fair share of dates in my life, she truly excels at the dating game and I find myself mentally taking notes as I watch her season. Here are a few tips we can all learn from JoJo when it comes to being an awesome date:

Focus on the positives

I know that this is partially because she’s on a TV show where she has to keep us hooked on more than one guy until the end so we keep watching, but JoJo is damn good at focusing on the positives of each of her men. She even managed to come up with some positive traits for insufferable Chad, who was horrendous. It’s easy to go negative on people right away when you’re dating. They said this weird thing. They wore this ugly thing. Instead, focus on the things you did like. Give them a chance.

Turn each date into an adventure

Whether she’s twisting herself into an awkward, half-naked yoga pretzel with someone she just met or is learning to do the tango, JoJo always has fun. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, laughs a lot, and is down to get outside of her comfort zone. These traits make you fun to go out with. Be willing to try a new, weird appetizer you spot on the menu. Go to a concert you normally wouldn’t think to check out. And instead of wondering if you’re going to hate it/feel awkward, have fun and be open.

Be warm and friendly

Dating is awkward, yes. But no matter who JoJo’s with, she’s always engaging. Don’t get so caught up in the “Oh God, what am I going to say next?” that you forget to relax and enjoy. When you’re being low-key, it makes the date more low-key.

Okay, let’s get serious for a second: we all know Jordan is probably going to win, but who’s your Bachelorette bae? I’m still not over Wells…

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