The Rituals All Single People Should Have

I love a lot of things about being single. Some of these include:

  • Watching whatever craptastic programming I feel like on television. Though as of late I’ve actually just been rewatching The Office, which is an excellent show and I’m not ashamed at all about it.
  • Sleeping like a starfish in the dead center of my bed.
  • Going where I want when I want with who I want and not having to tell anyone except maybe my mom because she worries.

But one thing I miss about being in a serious relationship is forming little weekly rituals with someone else. One night a week is takeout and Netflix night. On Tuesdays you try a restaurant you haven’t been to before. Those little traditions, even if they’re not anything fancy, are so comforting.

I decided recently that it’s time to make my own rituals.There’s no need to wait for a relationship to build in fun, relaxing checkpoints throughout my week. I started by kicking off a Sunday dinner tradition. I either make a favorite meal or find something new to try, and I put on some good music and get cooking. Then I eat dinner while watching something mindless yet entertaining on Netflix. It’s a very Zen way to end the weekend.

Another ritual I’ve created is actually my coping mechanism if I have a really, really bad day. I do not pass Go. I do not collect $200. I just finish my work, eat something easy for dinner, and then immediately climb into bed and watch music videos on YouTube (cheesy early 2000s ones are usually at the top of the list) as I drink crappy yet delicious Moscato. I call it a bed party, though maybe it’s more of a bed pity party and I swear it cures all evils.

You don’t have to be in a relationship to develop traditions you look forward to all week. In fact, that time alone is often completely necessary when you need to reset after a long day. If you’re looking to start your own rituals, try picking one day to hit your favorite exercise class at the gym, followed by a splurge on your favorite overpriced salad on your way home. Maybe one night is all about relaxing, so you make it a point to switch off your computer early and journal or take a bath instead of refreshing Twitter one more time. Also, one night should probably be wine night. Just a suggestion.

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