About Me

I’m a freelance blogger and copywriter living in Charlotte. I’ve written for CBS Radio, The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Hello Giggles, Bustle, The Frisky, and other fun sites and magazines.


In case you didn’t figure it out, that’s me.

I’m a 2010 Syracuse University grad (GO ORANGE!) who loves the Yankees, local radio, girls’ nights, iced coffee, classic rock, dogs that wear people clothing, blooper reels, award show acceptance speeches, and rainy Sundays. A few fun facts about me:

  • I know way, WAY too much about pop culture, particularly pop culture circa 2002ish. If Justin and Britney did it, I remember it.
  • I have two middle names.
  • I know inspirational quotes are cheesy and overdone, but I love them anyway.
  • I’m really good at getting myself into awkward situations. I don’t hate it though. I find awkwardness amusing sometimes.
  • I’m TERRIFIED of insects of any kind. I keep a can of Raid in every room of my apartment. As a result, my children will probably have three heads.
  • I still love the smell of Abercrombie Fierce. I guess I never got over 8th grade.

Want to see my copywriting work? Cool! Check it out here. You can check out more of my magazine and blogging work here.

About the blog

Life with Lauren is twenty-something life with a twist. It’s about the things I’m thinking about and experiencing. All thoughts are my own, and I try to be brutally honest (for better or for worse). To laurenbanner-300x99keep the content authentic, I don’t accept guest posts, but if there’s something you’ve been thinking about, I’m always happy to hear post suggestions. I absolutely, positively LOVE connecting with the people who read this blog, and value getting e-mails, tweets, etc. I post as regularly as possible, as long as I have something interesting to write. Want to know as soon as I’ve posted something? Add me to your RSS feed or follow me on Bloglovin’. You can also subscribe via e-mail or just add me to your bookmark bar if you prefer to kick it old school.

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Want to work with me?

Awesome! Contact me at lauren@lifewithlauren.com and let’s chat.