Lauren Lauren Bang Bang*

*The title of this post is a tribute to one of my favorite people: Chelsea Handler. If you haven’t read her book “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” do it now. She is hilarious. Spring has finally sprung, and life is good. The nice weather always makes me crave a hair makeover.  Last time I saw my […]

Parking Lot Drama

I appreciate the show ” The Office” so much more now that I work in a  real-life office. Sometimes things happen here and I think to myself, “That would totally happen on ‘The Office’”. For example: our entire parking lot can fit, like,10 cars comfortably. Okay, slight exaggeration but it’s SMALL. Since we live in […]

What the Eff is Wrong with Christina Aguilera?

Seriously. First she can’t remember the words to the National Anthem. A little bit excusable because those words are confusing, especially if you’re nervous.  Then she trips (seemingly over nothing) onstage at the Grammys.

I'm Graduating College…Now What?

I have a lot of friends who are seniors in college, so I spend quite a bit of time talking with them about ::gasp:: GRADUATING (insert horror movie scream here).  College, like Disneyworld, could probably be considered the happiest place on earth. You sleep in until 10 on most days, and go out and drink […]