If You Strive to Be Tan, Fear Looking Like An Oompa Loompa, I Have a Solution

Being tan is a tricky thing. We all want it, yet we also don’t want the wrinkles and skin cancer that it seems to have invited to the party along with it. Yet if you choose the wrong sunless tanning option, you end up looking like you got into a really weird situation involving Cheetos. […]

Acne and Wrinkles: The Two-Stage Life Overlap That Just Doesn’t Seem Fair

I’d like to file a complaint, if possible. I guess it should go to the Department of Getting Older, should such a thing exist. See, it offends me deeply on a personal level that I have to buy products to stop both acne and wrinkles. It seems to me that if you have to go […]

The Search for Perfect Skin

The saying “youth is wasted on the young” is so true. Throughout middle school and high school I had perfect skin, and never appreciated a second of it. But it seems like as soon as I turned 20, my skin took a turn for the…breakout-prone. Because of this, I’m on a quest to find the […]

Find A Cheaper Equivalent of that Makeup You Love. Music to My Ears.

As much as I love a good trip to Sephora, I also enjoy not being startled when I log in to my bank account. This is why I appreciate the Makeup Dupe list. The list allows you to type in your favorite, pricey products and then it spits out a list of cheaper equivalents. It’ll even […]

Fun, Springtime Nails

I was feeling fun and spring-y yesterday so I decided to do something cool with my nails. Normally I let my girl Christine handle that department because I’m kind of (super) spastic, but I had just purchased a great new nail polish so I was willing to give it a shot. This is the finished […]