Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

I believe that hair salons are magical. You can walk in feeling stressed out and annoyed but you leave feeling refreshed, confident, and happy. I don’t know about you, but my hair salon has a fun atmosphere which makes it impossible to feel cranky. There’s good music, people chatting, blow dryers going, food and drinks, and […]

My Fix For Dry, Crappy Winter Skin/Scalp

I came out of my hair salon a new woman after my last visit, and I want to share my newfound knowledge with you. See, the winter is not a happy time for my face or skin. My scalp is normally fine, but the combination of dry winter air and heat in my apartment makes […]

For Nail Polish Junkies

I loooove nail polish, and yesterday I was at a festival and I bought this color to expand to my collection of mostly nudes, pinks, and reds: It’s Essie “Over The Top” and I absolutely adore it. It’s a gray shade with just a little bit of sparkle. Perfect for the winter. I’m a huge […]

The Search for the Perfect Scent May Be Over/My Badass Manicure

Rejoice, friends! I think the search for the perfect scent may have come to a close. I was having a hard time giving up my Polo Ralph Lauren Blue scent that I’ve been wearing for years. It just smells so nice. But the problem is that it’s nearly impossible to find, even online. It was […]

If I Had A Million Dollars I Would Try All Of The Beauty Products On This List

Then I would buy all of the amazing beauty goodies that I just read about in the October issue of Allure magazine. This month’s issue of Allure is the one where they do their “Best of” beauty products. They also talk about their all-time favorite products. Plus there’s a great interview with Olivia Wilde. Basically, […]