Today’s Hard Dating Lesson: Attention and Affection Aren’t Always the Same Thing

I’ve been immersed in the wide world of dating for about eight months now, and I’ve learned so much in that time. I mean seriously. But one of the things that’s struck me most about dating is how careful you have to be when it comes to confusing attention/desire with true affection. I saw a friend post this […]

Can We All Agree on Some Dating Etiquette?

Dating is an adventure/jungle/many other analogies. If you’re doing it, you know this to be true. It can be fun and teach you a lot about yourself, but you also encounter some really awkward situations from time to time. I actually don’t mind the occasional bad date, because I think they build character and make […]

Four Things You Can Learn About Love From People Who Do It Really, Really Well

Yesterday I finished up teaching my last memoir writing class at an assisted living facility nearby. I think the seniors there enjoyed the class, but holy shizz did I learn a lot from them. We did a lot of writing and sharing what we wrote, but there were times when I had to stop the […]

Sometimes I'm 99.9% Sure I'm Never Going to Get Married

Each day, I find myself thinking “I’m never going to get married” at least once. Over the past few days, the number of times that thought crosses my mind seems to have increased steadily. The best part is that I don’t think “I’m never going to get married” due to my own insecurities or quirks. […]