How to Tell If Your Side Project is Worth the Effort

Exactly 22 weeks ago, one of my best friends on this planet and I sat down to record a podcast. We decided to call it The Margarita Confessionals, because we were covering the topics we always talked about over margaritas: dating, relationships, guys in general, and friendships. We were in her living room, sharing one […]

Why You Could Benefit From “Professional ADD”

Like every writer/human, I struggle with bouts of self doubt. One thing that triggers this doubt is the fear that my attention is too divided when it comes to my career. I’m doing blogging, magazine/newspaper writing, copywriting, radio, and podcasting. I love it all, but I stress about whether it’s normal to go after a few […]

The Four Things I’ve Learned About Asking For Career Help

I consider myself pretty assertive when it comes to my career. I’m balancing freelance clients, pitching magazines, working for my dad’s company, traveling for work, writing my blog, etc. I work from home, which definitely requires discipline too. But I’m also afraid of being annoying, so I’ve been known to refrain from asking from help that could advance […]

Why Networking Really Isn’t So Scary (Get It? Halloween?)

I used to haaaaaate making small talk at networking events or cocktail parties or functions where I didn’t know much about the other guests. I would start off okay, but then after a few minutes my mind would go blank. I was convinced I was embarrassing myself, I would start sweating, and then I’d want […]

“Stop Falling Down the Internet Rabbit Hole” And Other Productivity Tips You Need

Last week I was at a conference where we heard a keynote address from Mike Vardy, who’s a speaker and creator of the site Productivityist. If you’re into productivity/life hacks/learning how to make the most of your day, DEFINITELY check him out. It was one of the coolest talks I’d ever heard. It was kind […]