What the Eff is Wrong with Christina Aguilera?

Seriously. First she can’t remember the words to the National Anthem. A little bit excusable because those words are confusing, especially if you’re nervous.  Then she trips (seemingly over nothing) onstage at the Grammys.

Workin' On My Night Moves

C and I are leaving soon to go see Bob Seger in concert. I am beyond excited. Bob Seger is amazing. If you don’t know Bob Seger, you probably actually do and just don’t realize it. He has hits such as this one: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTgLQgpwRvQ]

Don't Call it A Comeback

Let me start by saying I will love Britney Spears until the die I day. I met her when she played a concert in my hometown right after she had  released the “Baby One More Time” album.  I was roughly 8 and she was roughly 17. My love has been eternal ever since that day. […]

Rachael Ray Gets Defamed

I was reading through one of my favorite blogs, Crushable, today when I came across this amazingly bad magazine cover featuring Rachael Ray. I love grammar and punctuation (nerd, I know) so this picture was right up my alley.  This is just atrocious. “Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog.” Really? […]