Victoria's Secret is Full of Tricks and Fabulosity

Victoria’s Secret is to many women what a light is to a moth. We just can’t stay away. We walk by and we’re instantly drawn in no matter how badly we need to get home or how little money we have to spend or how much our arms hurt from the bags we’re already carrying. […]

How Forever 21 Helped Me Mature

In my younger years, I enjoyed spending money I didn’t have even if it meant that I was no longer able to afford food, gas, etc., just so I could grab a cute pair of shoes. Tonight I realized that I’ve matured a lot in the last year or so. Here’s how I came to […]

All I Want for Christmakuh is a Sparkly Cardigan

All I need to make my diverse, Christmas-tree-lovin’, menorah-appreciatin’ holiday complete is a sparkly cardigan. They’re so fun and festive, and they make any Little Black Dress look amazing. You’d think a sparkly cardigan wouldn’t be too hard to find since they’re pretty trendy right now. Wrong. Okay, well not totally wrong. You can definitely […]

I Have Fallen in Serious Shoe Love

I value a good pair of boots. I live in a place where it snows from November-April, so I rely heavily on boots not only for fashion but also for survival. When I find a pair that I love, it’s a happy, happy day. Comfy, cute, affordable boots are amazing. I recently fell in serious […]

My New Favorite Fall Color Combo/Outfit

As I wrote in this earlier post, I am obsessed with the cream-colored blazer from Lauren Conrad’s collection for Kohl’s that I got recently. Before this fall I was never a fan of cream/white blazers. I just thought they were too Laura Bush-esque. But something about them has really caught my eye recently. I also […]