I Hate Online Dating for the Same Reason I Love/Hate Forever 21

I hate online dating for the same reason I equal parts love and hate Forever 21. It’s completely overwhelming. Both are supposed to be fun and positive, and I know this deep down, but both are also too much to process. I end up wandering into Forever 21 in search of a few cute going out tops and I somehow spend […]

You Deserve a Real Date.

This is a PSA: You deserve a real date. I know you know this, but in case you’ve forgotten or need someone else to tell you, it’s true. You deserve someone who wants to make plans in advance and who wants to do activities with you. Or, if you’re so inclined, you should ask someone else out yourself. […]

Have We Reverted Back to Our 10th Grade Dating Habits?

People who had boyfriends in high school are fascinating to me in the same way that people who can play sports are. I know that there are those who have had this experience or can do this task, but I’m not one of them. In high school I had tons of guy friends and crushes and little flings, but […]

Why Our “Swipe Right” Culture is Killing Long-Term Relationships

My last relationship lasted five years. Half a decade. That’s a long time, and though the relationship ultimately was flawed, I can look back on it and say we went in with grit and determination. We worked through problems and had bad fights, but didn’t give up until it was absolutely necessary. But the mini […]

How to Be the Kind of Person Who Kicks Ass at Online Dating

I have absolutely no shame about using online dating sites. I know some people are embarrassed about it or are scared to try it, but online dating is a great way to meet people. I write a lot about my online dating experiences, and even though I do encounter some odd messages (my Instagram account […]