Yoga and Pilates at Your Fingertips (For Almost Nothing)

I’m suffering from a sports-related injury. I just wanted to warn you so you’re not startled if you hear about it on ESPN tonight. No, but seriously. I am so sore from pilates. But in a good way. My gym doesn’t offer pilates classes (just yoga and zumba) so I had kind of gotten out […]

My New Favorite Way to Work Out: Tone it Up

I became extremely agitated when one of my favorite ways to work out, Exercise TV on Demand, cancelled their contract with my cable company. Gone were all my free Jillian Michaels workouts. Gone were my Bethenny yoga workouts. Gone were my hip hop routines that I would only do when I could be positive that […]

Sports Authority Saves the Day AND Lady Gaga Kills it On "The View"

C just dropped our bikes (or bike parts, as they currently are) off in the loving arms of the people at Sports Authority. They are generously assembling them into real live bikes for us to pick up after work! So nice of them. Otherwise we would have a lovely collection of handlebars, wheels and brakes […]

There Is An Exercise Conspiracy Going On In My Apartment

If you are one of the 2% (approximately) of people who can actually drag your behind to the gym after work, I applaud you. But most people (myself definitely included) cannot do this. Because of this, I must exercise in the morning before work or it’s just not happening that day. I also like morning […]

C and Lauren's Excellent Adventure

Today I woke up with an excellent idea. C and I were going to go to a nearby park and rent a bike. We would get some fresh air on this gorgeous July day. We would get some exercise. We would also spend time together. The idea was bullet-proof, right? Almost. We got to the […]