Why You Should/Shouldn't be Facebook Friends with Your Parents

My mom and I have an interesting Facebook relationship. We’d probably be “it’s complicated” if that still exists. She loves Facebook, and I work with Facebook all day so clearly I have some sort of complicated attachment too (although sometimes I wish I could just delete the damn thing but…). When she first got Facebook […]

Bringing Your New Guy Home for the Holidays? What Are the Sleeping Arrangements?

Yes, these are the things I think about. I’m a details-worrier, I guess you could say. Actually, I’m an all-around worrier. Anyway, I was browsing one of my favorite sites, The Gloss, when I saw this article talking about the sleeping arrangements when you bring a new boyfriend/girlfriend home for the holidays. They polled their readers […]

Turkey Day, So Good

I hope you’re having an amazing, fabulous, food-filled Thanksgiving, wherever you are. I went to my aunt and uncle’s house with my mom and dad and all of my dad’s family. It was truly an amazing day. We hadn’t been to my aunt and uncle’s for Thanksgiving in probably seven years or so. We’d seen […]

Yours, Mine and Ours: Managing the Holidays

Thanksgiving kicks off the insane (and insanely fun) time of year known as the holiday season. You’re trying to buy everyone you love the perfect present without having to sell your kidney on the black market. You’re trying to enjoy all the delicious holiday treats without going overboard and eating your weight in stuffing and […]

True Life: I'm Being Kicked Out of My Childhood Room

I live in my own apartment about half an hour away from my childhood home. With that said, I feel that even though I’m not living in my childhood bedroom, it should remain in tact. It should become a museum, of sorts. My posters should remain haphazardly taped to the walls like they were when […]