Sometimes You Just Can't be Subtle

There are some times when it’s good to be subtle. For example, if someone’s fly is down. You don’t just want to be like, “Hey, jackass! Your fly is down!” But there are some instances when subtlety is very, very overrated. I think the holiday season is one of those times when you should avoid […]

A Day in the Family Business

I work with both my parents and my boyfriend. Yes, it has the makings of a great reality show. There’s always some hilarity, a little bit of drama, and a generally high entertainment factor. If we did, in fact, have our own show (which I still don’t understand why we don’t) today would have been […]

The Worst/Best Fourth of July EVER

C and I went down to my parents’ condo in Florida for Fourth of July. Everyone thought we were insane for going to Florida in July, but with an ocean breeze it actually ended up being perfect. Plus, this was what I saw when I stood on the porch: Nice, right? So we had this […]

Mama Knows Best

Check out my latest for The College Crush, in which I interview my fabulous mother about relationships and love. Her advice is stellar. She and my dad have been married for 30 YEARS! They started dating when she was a freshman in college and my dad was a sophomore. They are amazing. It’s safe to […]

Birthday Update

I had an absolutely great birthday, and I’m really lucky. It  definitely wasn’t like any birthday I’ve had in the past. It was a lot more low-key and mature. And I didn’t wear a tiara, which I usually do. I mean I was at work so I guess that would have been a little weird. […]