Big Kids' Prom

So this afternoon my father casually wanders into my office and drops this bomb on me: He has invited C and I to go with him to a black-tie event. First of all, so cool that we are invited. I am pumped. So nice. It’ll be like a big kids’ prom. Second of all, WTF!? […]

Worst Daughter Ever

I am officially the worst daughter ever, but it’s not really my fault. Today was my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. They took a vacation to celebrate. I knew that their anniversary fell sometime during this week, but I didn’t quite remember what the actual date was. I’m great with birthdays, but I can’t remember their […]

The New Kardashians

After much debate, I have finally done what feels right and tried to get my family on a reality show. Here’s how it began…I was looking for something on Google one day when I came across a production company that is looking to film a reality show based around families that own their own businesses. […]

You're A Professional Until Someone Reminds You that You Used to Have a Bowl Cut

So my boss (who is not my dad) has been in and out of the office for the last few weeks due to health problems. We had a meeting this morning and she asked if I would take care of her agenda for her. I was thrilled because it meant she trusted me with the […]

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Since I’m 1/4 Irish, I take St. Patrick’s Day very seriously. However, I found that the holiday is not nearly as fun when you’re working full time. Instead of posting up at the bar like I did in college, I was at my desk continuing with business as usual. During lunch, my mother and I […]