Easy Recipes That Even Non-Chefs Can Cook

I always wish that I was a food blogger. I love how they create insane recipe combinations, make fattening recipes “skinny,” and take gorgeous pictures of the meals they make. I do not pretend to be a food blogger at all, but lately I’ve been trying my hand at cooking. When Chris and I first […]

My New Favorite (Healthy) Snack

Good news! I made it through my minor procedure unscathed. Though I will say, as they were knocking me out with anesthesia they had “Bohemian Rhapsody” playing in the procedure room. I also woke up to the sweet sounds of “Starships” by Nicki Minaj. Strange, but I didn’t hate it. Actually, it brought me some […]

Fall = Blazers + Colored Jeans + Best Pumpkin Muffin Recipe You'll Ever Taste

Summer is good for many things. These things include but are not limited to: frozen yogurt, the pool, pedicures, and iced coffee. But I have to say, as great as summer is, I would choose fall every time. To me, fall is about pumpkin coffee (iced still, I drink it iced all year), pumpkin muffins, […]

Breakfasts for Non-"Morning People"

I don’t think I’ll ever become a true “morning person” no matter how old I get. It always baffles me that my dad gets up at 5 am, with or without an alarm. It doesn’t matter if he’s got to be at work or if we’re just relaxing on vacation, he’s up and ready to […]

I Gotta Ask, What is Up With All These Weird Diets?

It seems like everyone and their mother is on a juice cleanse or some other strange diet lately. I get hangry (read: anger due to hunger) pretty quickly, so I don’t think drinking only juice for three days straight would work for me. Then I read this article on The Gloss about how a girl […]