The Value of Short-Lived Friendships

In most cases you’re probably not entering into a new friendship saying,”Well, we’ll probably be friends for a few months and then this will fade away.” You make friends to stay close, unless you just get to know someone while you’re at a conference or visiting another friend for the weekend. However, there are many […]

Where'd All The Good People Go?

Where do all the twenty-somethings go after college? Seriously. Are they in New York City? L.A.? I can’t be sure, but I can tell you one thing: they are few and far between when you’re living in a small city like I do. I see plenty of people in their thirties. I see plenty of […]

The Painful Truth About Friend Breakups

*Update: I was asked to do a segment on HuffPost Live about this topic. It was a great experience and I’m so honored to have been a part of it! Check out the video A while back, I wrote this piece for The College Crush called “Surviving a Friend Breakup.” It was about a painful […]

Three Reasons to Have a "Just Friends" Guy Friend

Yesterday I wrote a piece for The College Crush about why opposite gender friends are awesome. I’ve always believed that you need a healthy mix of guy and lady friends in your life. Here’s a preview of the piece: I’ve never been one of those girls with more guy friends than girl friends. I don’t […]

College-Style Friendships are a Thing of the Past

I was playing phone tag with a friend yesterday and it got me thinking about how much friendships change once you graduate college. In school, you could (hypothetically) get away with putting in basically no effort to maintain a friendship. If you forgot to call that person for a few days, chances are you would […]