Ditch the Negative Nancy Friend! Stress is Contagious!

We all have a Connie Complainer in our lives. You may also know her as a Debbie Downer. Either way. This is an otherwise great person who manages to find a problem in any situation. Her boss is a jerk. Her boyfriend is insensitive. Her sister is rude to her. Her apartment is too expensive. […]

My Version of the Royal Wedding (Okay, Not Mine…My Friend's, But Still Cool)

So I officially have my first married friend, you guys! Crazy, right? The wedding was absolutely beautiful. But before I get to that, I need to tell you about the events leading up to the wedding. It’s days like this that make me really sad I don’t have a reality show. Such great material gone […]

A New Approach to Vacations

Greetings, earthlings! I haven’t posted in a few days and I feel so out of touch! This weekend, Chris and I took advantage of a bonus day off and spent some time in New York City A lot of our friends from college live there, so we spent a little bit of time sightseeing and […]

Birthday Update

I had an absolutely great birthday, and I’m really lucky. It  definitely wasn’t like any birthday I’ve had in the past. It was a lot more low-key and mature. And I didn’t wear a tiara, which I usually do. I mean I was at work so I guess that would have been a little weird. […]

Ain't It Strange How the Night Moves?

C and I just got back from the Bob Seger concert. A great time was had by all. What I really want to do is upload this amazing video I took so I can post it on here. The problem is, my computer belongs in the Smithsonian and is having some troubles performing this simple […]