Are You Making This Friendship Mistake?

Humble brag: I like to think I’m pretty good at building new friendships. I don’t have some secret talent or gift, I just make a conscious effort to check in regularly during the week, initiate plans, and take other small, regular steps to keep a new friendship growing. Because of this, I’ve been fortunate enough to connect […]

Hey, Let’s Stop Being Crappy To Other Women: A Guide to Stress-Free Female Friendship

  I love my female friends, and am actually on a quest to make some more in my new city. But unfortunately, I also know that being a woman and interacting with other women can be challenging. For some reason, for many of us the knee-jerk reaction is to go negative about ladies we don’t really know. I’ve never understood […]

What I’ve Learned About Making Friends as An Adult

I wrote an article for my pals at Hello Giggles yesterday about friend breakups and the surprising positives that can come out of them (P.S. I’d love it if you’d read it by clicking here). This got me thinking about friendships in general, specifically how they change as you get older. One thing I’ve realized […]

The Friends You Don’t Need In Your Twenties (Or Ever, Really)

There are a lot of not cool things about getting older. These things include: having to pay bills, worrying that everyone else is getting married and you’re going to be a cat lady and you hate cats, wondering if you’re going to get wrinkles soon. But with those pesky problems come a few perks (see […]

Why You Want To Be a "Girl's Girl"

You’ve probably heard the term “guy’s guy” before. It refers to a dude who gets along with other dudes and is probably interested in one or more of the following: a.) sports b.) beer c.) ladies. Being a guy’s guy is thought of as a positive thing. There’s value in male bonding and friendship. Yet […]