I've Got 99 Problems and My Downstairs Neighbors Make Up At Least 50 Of Them

The idea of living in an apartment is weird. You’re living in close proximity to a bunch of strangers. You’re trusting these people not to toss a cigarette butt and burn the whole place down, or let a bunch of garbage collect and attract rats. While I love our current apartment, I wouldn’t hate it […]

Do You Get Caught Up in the Moment?

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and it really stuck with me: When I think back to middle school or high school and important moments during these periods in my life, I realize that (for the most part) I didn’t get how significant many of these times were until I had many months […]

Do You Suffer From Analysis Paralysis?

I got some tough love from my mom at dinner last night, and (for the most part) it was well-deserved. I’m two years out of school, ready for the next thing, and feeling a little overwhelmed about finding that thing because jobs are hard to find and lots of people have the same dream I […]

I Can't Stop Listening to: "Anna Sun" by Walk the Moon

Lately I’ve been on a kick where I remind myself that you can do fun, creative things even if you’re not doing them on a big level yet. When I mean by that is this: even if you’re just writing for a small publication, or your site doesn’t get a ton of traffic, or you’re […]

A Few Things I've Realized About Relationships and Social Media

Hello, my loves. Sorry for the weekend absence. I had a migraine/some sort of unidentified illness all weekend which meant that I could only do the following: lie in bed, drink green tea, lie on the couch, sleep, fall asleep while trying to watch Gladiator. Here are things I could not do: go to the […]