Being Spontaneous Doesn't Always Equal Romance

As another Valentine’s Day came and went and my newsfeed was flooded with pictures of teddy bears and flowers, I realized something: somewhere along the way, we have begun to associate romance with spontaneity. I’m guilty of this too. When you think about romantic gestures, you probably think about surprise flowers or a surprise trip […]

Happy Valentine's Day/National Singles Awareness Day

Ah, yes, Valentine’s Day. A day that’s both loved and despised. This holiday comes in second only to New Year’s Eve when it comes to holidays that are either extremely amazing or extremely disappointing. See, I’m not trying to be cynical. Personally, I love Valentine’s Day. But I know that it’s so easy to get […]

Ask Lauren: Managing Long Distance Relationships

I talk a lot about long distance relationships, because I learned about them early on in my own. Chris and I started dating right as I was about to go abroad for a semester in London. Then we did a LDR again when I did an internship outside of New York City for a summer. […]

Why Your Job Title Doesn't Matter (No, Really)

I consider myself a planner. I like to know what’s going to happen, and when it will occur. This trait doesn’t always serve me well, since a large majority of life is unpredictable. Because of my love of planning, I tend to look at the detail instead of the big picture. During my job search, […]

If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It Is

Here’s the situation: I log on to Facebook and read a status that goes something like this “Had the most amazing weekend with my love. He is my rock. I love you babe!” Or perhaps it’s this: “Look what was delivered to my office today. My boyfriend is perfect<3” ::insert picture of a bouquet of […]