Get Out of That Comfort Rut in Your Relationship

I’ve been in a relationship for almost three and a half years, so you’d think by now I’d have it all figured out. Some parts I’ve mastered. Definitely. But there are other parts that I’m still learning about, which is what makes it fun. I’m realizing that relationships are always shifting and changing, which makes […]

Valentine's Day is Over. We Can All Breathe A Sigh of Relief.

I hope you all had a lovely, chocolate-filled Valentine’s Day. If you hate the day and everyone’s TMI, floral arrangement filled Facebook posts, you can breathe easy knowing that it’s 364 days away now. And know that I am with you on that front. I had a lovely Valentine’s Day, but don’t understand why people […]

If We Were in Fourth Grade Together, I'd Totally Give You a Paper Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! I don’t care if your valentine is your dog, your best friend, your mom, your husband, your boyfriend of two years, or your large iced coffee, I hope you have a great day. Take some time to appreciate all the great things you’ve accomplished so far this year and remember why […]

Say It Ain't So, Heidi and Seal

I scared the crap out of Chris this morning because I woke up, went on Twitter, and GASPED as I read that Heidi “The Body” Klum is probably going to be filing for divorce from her husband Seal. To me, Heidi and Seal are the perfect couple. They have huge, fun Halloween parties. They renew […]

The Value of a Love Letter

I just wrote this post for The College Crush called “The Value of a Love Letter” and I’m really proud of it and hope you’ll check it out! I really, truly believe that a little love note (even a three sentence deal) is a huge boost for a relationship! If you haven’t written your significant […]