Great Relationship Advice from Kris Jenner

On a recent episode of KUWTK, Kris and Bruce faced some problems. Kris thought Bruce was losing his hearing, when in reality he was choosing to use “selective hearing” because…well…he found Kris annoying. They had a whole big discussion and made up and everyone lived happily ever after. The end. But at one point during […]

My Version of the Royal Wedding (Okay, Not Mine…My Friend's, But Still Cool)

So I officially have my first married friend, you guys! Crazy, right? The wedding was absolutely beautiful. But before I get to that, I need to tell you about the events leading up to the wedding. It’s days like this that make me really sad I don’t have a reality show. Such great material gone […]

I Will Now Embarrass My Boyfriend

My boyfriend, C, is very understanding about the fact that I use him as the subject for many of my blog posts for College Crush and Love Twenty. C isn’t the type to write long Facebook statuses about his feelings or anything, so it’s probably a little uncomfortable/unnatural for him. Despite all this, he knows […]

What You Can Learn From Celebrity Splits And More…

Check out the latest piece I wrote for the lovely ladies at Love Twenty. It’s about what you can learn from celebrity break-ups. Click here to read it.   Also, don’t forget to tweet me @lifewithlauren1 AND now you can e-mail me here: Pretty cool, right? And if you REALLY loved me, you’d “like” […]

Are You Venturing into the Wide World of Long-Distance Relationships?

I know I talk about this a lot, but I write weekly for The College Crush. If you haven’t checked it out, you really should. There are so many smart, well-written, hilarious pieces on that site. I cover two areas: going from a casual thing to being a relationship, and being in a long-distance relationship. […]