My Perfect Holiday Playlist

Last night we put the ornaments on the tree and hung some stockings and Christmas lights around the apartment. It looks nice and Christmakuh-y around here now. Okay, well mostly Christmas-y, but we’re getting the electric menorah soon so both holidays will be represented. I love the way it looks. This is such a fun […]

Happy Birthday, Britney Jean Spears!

A few weeks ago I was trying to make a doctor’s appointment. “How does December 2nd work for you?” asked the receptionist. “Ummm…shoot. I don’t have my planner with me, but I’m pretty sure I have something going on,” I said. I picked another day. Today I realized what I had going on. It’s Britney […]

Turkey Day, So Good

I hope you’re having an amazing, fabulous, food-filled Thanksgiving, wherever you are. I went to my aunt and uncle’s house with my mom and dad and all of my dad’s family. It was truly an amazing day. We hadn’t been to my aunt and uncle’s for Thanksgiving in probably seven years or so. We’d seen […]

Sports Authority Saves the Day AND Lady Gaga Kills it On "The View"

C just dropped our bikes (or bike parts, as they currently are) off in the loving arms of the people at Sports Authority. They are generously assembling them into real live bikes for us to pick up after work! So nice of them. Otherwise we would have a lovely collection of handlebars, wheels and brakes […]

I Can't Stop Listening to: Arcade Fire, "Half Light II (No Celebration)"

C’s brother has loved Arcade Fire for a while, and he gave C an Arcade Fire CD to check out. I’m really glad he did, because I love their music. The song I’ve been listening to literally on repeat is called “Half Light II (No Celebration)” and it’s amazing. Take a listen: Half Light II (No […]