The Time I Met Gavin Rossdale

This weekend was definitely one of the best of the summer. Every year our rock station puts on a HUGE festival-style show, and this year’s show was amazing. Stone Temple Pilots and Bush headlined the show. Dropkick Murphys and Seether also played. It was an amazing day. The show had a crowd of 20,000 people, […]

I Can't Stop Listening To: "Spaceman" –Dave Matthews Band

This song has a great summertime feel to it. I’ve been listening to it (literally) on repeat over the past few days since it’s been really hot and muggy out. I really, REALLY want to see Dave + co. in concert soon, which may be why this song makes me think of summer. Click the […]

I Can't Stop Listening to….

I’m rediscovering Kings of Leon for some reason, particularly their album “Only By the Night.” When the album first came out I was too focused on “Use Somebody”, ” Sex On Fire” and “Revelry’ to really appreciate this song, but now I love it. Many thanks to C for pointing out how good the lyrics […]

What's My Age Again? No, Seriously. I Have No Idea.

I woke up this morning and just felt the need to blast some old-school Blink-182. Sorry, downstairs neighbors. “What’s My Age Again?” was really speaking to me for some reason. Perhaps it’s because in one month I will be 23, which is the age they reference in the song. This fact is both cool and […]

What the Eff is Wrong with Christina Aguilera?

Seriously. First she can’t remember the words to the National Anthem. A little bit excusable because those words are confusing, especially if you’re nervous.  Then she trips (seemingly over nothing) onstage at the Grammys.