Why Car Shopping and Dating Are the Same, Basically

My lease on my little Toyota was expiring in September so after a whole lot of procrastination, I decided to start searching for a new car. I’d never been to a car dealership alone before, as ridiculous as that might sound. I’d always had my dad with me, and I felt confident knowing that he was […]

The Pretzel-Hummus Ratio in Sabra Travel Packs is Never Right: My Airport Realizations

I travel a lot for work, so much so in fact that my friends call me Lauren San Diego. While a tad draining, spending a lot of time in airports has also allowed me to learn some fascinating things about travel, airports, and people as a whole. These include: When resources are limited, $6 for a bottle of […]

Be Okay With Looking Like An Idiot

It’s no secret that I hate running. In fact I have a tank top that says “I HATE RUNNING” in large letters just in case you weren’t clear on my stance on the matter. I hate that I have to wear three sports bras to do it. I hate that I have no cardiovascular endurance […]

It’s Not the Kardashians I Feel Compelled to Keep Up With, Actually

I’m definitely worried about keeping up with the Kardashians in the sense that I need to view Kylie’s Snapchat story immediately. Something about watching her lip sync to rap songs and touch her nose and mouth is weirdly hypnotizing to me. But when it comes to keeping up with the Kardashians in a “keeping up with […]

Why I, A Former Obsessive Texter, Have Hit My Texting Max

I used to hate talking on the phone. I never knew how to wrap up the conversation without being like, “K I’m done now. Bye.” Then inevitably you end up talking over each other at least once or twice, which is uncomfortable too. That’s why I used to be perfectly content being a constant texter. Whether […]