Sometimes I Just Really Miss High School Crushes

Dating as an adult is fun, eye-opening, and exciting, but it can also feel like a part-time job. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed by the whole process, I’m nostalgic for the days of high school crushes, particularly the unobtainable ones. I’m talking the “I’m a quiet freshman in love with a senior football star” brand of crushes. They were […]

The Things You Never Forget After Working at Victoria’s Secret

I worked at Victoria’s Secret during one summer when I was in college. I’d always loved the store, was pretty hyped about the discount I would get, and thought it would sound sexy when I told potential suitors that I worked there. Turns out that working there and, say, being a Victoria’s Secret Angel are […]

You Can Officially Call Your New City Home When….

Getting settled in a new city is a long process. For example, I’ve lived in Charlotte for more than a year and JUST got my North Carolina driver’s license. Still rocking those New York plates too. Whoopsy doopsy. Another example: though I think I know my way around the city pretty well, occasionally I’ll meet […]

The Perfect Boyfriend Gift

Shopping for guys is hard. Nearly impossible actually. Chris has more clothes than any guy I know, so that’s out. Plus, whenever I try to buy him clothes I end up dressing him like a Backstreet Boy (old crushes die hard, okay?) and it’s not good. There are some standard “guy gifts” that you can […]

Am I An Adult if I Don't Appreciate Wine?

My parents threw a big party for the Superbowl. As I was getting ready to go, I realized that there would only be wine and beer available at the party, so I reverted to my go-to move from my college days: I filled two empty waterbottles with vodka and tonic. As I was doing it, […]