Why You Should Ditch Your Kindle

As a writer, I feel like my electronics become an extension of my body. I swear sometimes I think my computer is going to become attached to me, and will need to get surgically removed. The same goes for my Kindle, except for last month when I was holding it in my arms while running […]

Is It Weird to Have a Crush on a TV Character?

A while back, I wrote this post where I ranted about Jim and Pam’s relationship on The Office. A lot of readers weighed in with their own comments; some agreed, some thought I was an idiot. Fair enough. Last night, my boyfriend and I had a lengthy discussion about Don and Betty Draper and their […]

How I Will NOT Spend My Summer Vacation

Chris and I have been trying to figure out a way to go on a vacation without spending an insane amount of money. Not that we have an insane amount of money, or really even any money at all, but you get the point. Usually when someone wants to go on an affordable vacation, they’ll […]

Why Are Grown Women Obsessed with Disney?

I won’t lie, I love Disney movies as much as the next person. When I’m sick, there’s nothing better than watching Alice in Wonderland. But there’s a fine line between enjoying the creations of Walt Disney and being OBSESSED with his imaginary world. I know a few girls who are literally obsessed with Disney. For […]

The Fine Art of Choosing a Tattoo

Walk down any beach in America and you’ll see a fine assortment of tattoos. Biblical verses, crosses, flowers, you’ll see them all. Some you will love, and some you will hate and then subsequently judge the owner for. I’ve always been a big fan of tasteful, meaningful tattoos. A tramp stamp? No, thanks. I’ll pass. […]