6 Ways to Nail Your Own, Personal Version of Hometown Dates

I’m fairly new to The Bachelor and Bachelorette watching game, and while I think there are a lot of ridiculous things about this franchise, I’m also fine with admitting that I’m totally hooked. This past season we watched as JoJo and Lauren dusted off their best rompers to try to charm Bachelor Ben’s family during the “hometown dates” […]

The One Thing We All Forget About Relationships

I have many smart and wonderful friends, but the other night I was out with one especially smart and wonderful one, my pal Katie. She’s been dating a great guy for a while, so I like to chat with her about relationships, especially when I’m having a day when I’m convinced I’m going to have to […]

Why Other People’s Relationships Just Don’t Matter

The other day I was talking with a friend who’s been seeing a guy for about six months. They still haven’t dropped the “I love you” bomb on each other yet, and she was feeling self-conscious because our other friend is swapping it left and right with a new boyfriend of only three months. Then […]

This is a PSA: You Can Be in a Relationship AND Have Friends

I’ve been out of the relationship game for a year now, so I admit I’m slightly out of touch when it comes to what’s new in the world of coupledom. And yet after spending five years dating someone, I feel confident in my ability to understand relationships even though I’m not currently in one. Because of […]

The Thing I Finally Realized About Why My Relationship Ended

I used to think that relationships were all about having amazing chemistry with someone. You should always want to be touching and flirting with each other. People should be jealous of that obvious spark between you two. I still believe that chemistry matters. If you don’t have that mutual attraction you’re eventually going to end up […]