Tiffany Has Great Jewelry, Love Tips

Like any lady, I love jewelry from Tiffany and Co. The stuff is beautiful and has such a classic look. At the same time, I’m not the type of girl who thinks any piece of jewelry (or any present, for that matter) that doesn’t come from Tiffany is inferior. That mindset reminds me of when […]

Yours, Mine and Ours: Managing the Holidays

Thanksgiving kicks off the insane (and insanely fun) time of year known as the holiday season. You’re trying to buy everyone you love the perfect present without having to sell your kidney on the black market. You’re trying to enjoy all the delicious holiday treats without going overboard and eating your weight in stuffing and […]

Learn From Celebrity Relationship Mistakes

I have officially quit the Kardashians. I’ve unfollowed them on Twitter. I think. Except I started following a fake Kris Humphries Twitter which is too hilarious to pass up. Check that out here. I also realized yesterday that I forgot to unfollow Rob Kardashian. I realized this after he tweeted 14 times about voting for […]

Being Yourself in a Relationship (Aka How to Have a "Big Kid" Relationship)

Last night I had an “Aha!” moment. I’ve had a bunch of them since I’ve graduated college, but this one had been brewing for a while. I’ve been dating my boyfriend, Chris, for three years. We started dating during our junior year of college. At the beginning of our relationship we spent a lot of time […]

The Soul Mate Friend

I’m feeling philosophical and somewhat cheesy today, so bear with me. I just had a revelation and I feel like sharing. I know many people believe in soul mates. People believe that there is another person out there who is meant for you. I believe that. I don’t necessarily believe that angels matched you guys […]