If You Like Jennifer Aniston…Don't Read This

I feel really bad for Jennifer Aniston. Angelina Jolie came in and broke up her marriage, and her dream of having kids with Brad Pitt. I understand why that must suck, because that was my dream too and now it’s been shattered. It’s really unfortunate. But seriously, what a horrible thing. With that said, Jennifer […]

I Will Now Embarrass My Boyfriend

My boyfriend, C, is very understanding about the fact that I use him as the subject for many of my blog posts for College Crush and Love Twenty. C isn’t the type to write long Facebook statuses about his feelings or anything, so it’s probably a little uncomfortable/unnatural for him. Despite all this, he knows […]

Are You Venturing into the Wide World of Long-Distance Relationships?

I know I talk about this a lot, but I write weekly for The College Crush. If you haven’t checked it out, you really should. There are so many smart, well-written, hilarious pieces on that site. I cover two areas: going from a casual thing to being a relationship, and being in a long-distance relationship. […]