Quick Recap on the Hours of TV I Watched This Weekend While I Was Sick

I literally watched so much TV yesterday my eyeballs felt like they might explode. I’m not ashamed of this. I never watched much TV as a kid, but all of a sudden I’m a TV junkie. The BF and I are cruising through The Sopranos like there’s no tomorrow, and I’m officially obsessed. Yesterday was […]

My New (To Me) Thing: The Sopranos/Curb Your Enthusiasm

During high school and college I never used to watch much TV. Sad and scary, I know. There was no real reason for this startling behavior, I just preferred to waste my time on the computer instead of in front of the TV. Things have changed though. This means that I have a lot of […]


I just remembered this fact, despite seeing hundreds of previews every time I turn on MTV. I’m so excited to see the guidos/guidettes offend all the poor, innocent, well-dressed Italians. I spent time in Florence when I went abroad, and it was gorgeous and perfect. Are you going to watch the new season? It’s on […]

Ode to Jim Halpert/Why Pam and Jim Are Annoying Together

Lately I’ve developed a moderate to serious obsession with The Office. If you’ve read my earlier post on me not being a bandwagoner, you will not be shocked to learn that I didn’t watch The Office when it first debuted/became popular, which explains why I am just developing my obsession now. I think the show […]

Giuliana and Bill Rancic Are The Bomb Dot Com

If you know anything about me, you know that I have some serious love for Giuliana Rancic. She is great on E! News and also seems like a genuinely nice and fun person. Not your typical LA robot woman. So I was disappointed in myself when I realized I hadn’t been watching her and Bill’s […]