Teen Mom Season 3 Premiere

I waited with anxious anticipation for this show, and it did not disappoint. Where to even begin? Let’s start with Farrah. Good lord. I really like Farrah and genuinely feel bad for her. She’s raising Sophia by herself since Sophia’s dad was killed in a car accident. Her mom is nuts and beat her up […]

Keeping up with the Kardashians/ Ice Loves Coco Recap

So I’m going to keep this brief because it’s a few days late, but I wanted to give my analysis of these shows’ premieres. Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Amusing as always. I wish it was an hour instead of half an hour, but such is life. Basically the girls were fighting with Kris because […]

The Best Weekend of TV Ever is Almost Here!

June 12th is a very, VERY important date for me. Yes it’s the weekend of my boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding. Yes it’s the weekend before I fly to Chicago to see one of my best friends and my cousin. Yes it’s two weeks before one of my friends from middle/high school gets married. But the real […]

Someone Please Help Chelsea Handler

Let me preface this post by saying that I watch Chelsea Handler’s show, Chelsea Lately, every single night. I watched every episode of After Lately (the spin-off type show). I have purchased every single one of her books, and read them cover-to-cover numerous times. I adore Chelsea Handler and her sense of humor. I worship […]

Reality TV Keeps Getting Weirder

Have you guys seen the show “Pregnant in Heels”? I started watching it by accident, actually. I DVR “Bethenny Ever After” in case I ever have to miss a second of it, and the DVR catches the first five minutes of “Pregnant in Heels.” Well once I watched five minutes, I had to watch a […]