What “The Real World” and 2017 Should Have in Common

Becoming an adult basically means you get trained in the art of politely bullshitting people in all aspects of your life. “Sorry for the delay! This got lost in my spam folder!” “I’m really sorry, I think you’re great I’m just not ready for a relationship.” “I wish I could come but I’m not feeling well!’ Towards the […]

Whether You’re Buying a Wedding Dress or a “Tacos & Tequila” Tank, You’re Right

This past weekend I was hungover and standing in my kitchen wearing a tank top that read TACOS & TEQUILA as I prepared to head out to the pool. I was digging around in my freezer for some popsicles when my best friend from college Snapchatted me. Roughly 600 miles away she was wedding dress shopping […]

If You’re in a Book Club (Or Want to Be) This is Your New BFF

I take great pride in my Book Club. I’ve organized it for over two years, and though we’re mostly a wine drinking club with a reading problem, I look forward to the discussions we have each month. If I may brag, I think our crew toes the line between thought-provoking and “Okay that’s enough let’s just chat […]

Sometimes You Have to Blow Your Life Up and See What Happens

It’s hard for me to believe, but today is Life with Lauren‘s 5-year anniversary. I feel like I should send the blog an Edible Arrangement or something. It all started with this post about how I was in an “in-between” stage. I was 22 years old and, as Britney Spears once said, I was not […]

Read This Book And Stop Verbally Abusing Your Creative Self

When you’re creating something, it’s normal to feel insecure. You’re putting your emotions into the work, and that makes you vulnerable. This vulnerability can be useful, as it often pushes you to create smarter/better. You don’t want to blast something out to the public that kind of sucks, so you refine your final product until […]