What Happens When Someone From Greece Tries to Steal Your Identity, Ship You Guitar Equipment

Recently I was scrolling through my e-mail when I saw a message from a company I hadn’t heard of telling me Your order has shipped!  I’ve done a lot of my Christmas shopping online this year, so I figured it was some sort of third party provider shipping me a gift I had ordered for my parents. […]

The Smartest $100 Purchase I’ve Made in a Long Time

I try to be pretty careful(ish) with my money, because I don’t have a lot of extra cash just lying around and I’d like to be able to buy a condo or a house in the next few years. But yesterday I spent $100 without blinking an eye and it was one of the best […]

Why You Should Treat Your Friends Like the Kardashians

I’m a shameless Kardashian supporter. Go ahead and judge me. I know they’ve had tons of plastic surgery. I know they’ll do anything to stay famous. I get that. But I also think they’re family-oriented marketing geniuses, and something about them captivates me. Maybe it’s because I have extremely fine hair and am fascinated by […]

Why I Threw Myself a Party and You Should Too

This past weekend I celebrated two years of living in Charlotte. To mark the occasion, I threw myself an anniversary party, which featured cookie cake, wine, and a bunch of my friends gathering at my favorite bar in town. At first I felt like such a stereotypical only child throwing my own celebration, but then I realized […]

It’s Raining Men and It’s Becoming Problematic

It’s not hard to meet potential partners in 2015. It really isn’t. You’ve got Match and Tinder and OkCupid and Hinge and dozens of other sites and apps. In fact, every day Facebook is trying to tell me about some new thing that I should “download now to meet hot singles in your area!” or […]