Okay, So Maybe Networking Isn't So Bad

As a natural introvert, the idea of marching up to a stranger and striking up a conversation is enough to make me break out in a nervous sweat. While other kids were put on leashes because they would run wild around the stores in the mall, you could always find me right by my mom’s […]

Six Things I Wish I Knew About Networking As a College Student

When I was in college I couldn’t escape the word “networking” no matter how hard I tried. Everyone wanted to talk about how important it was, how easy it was, how it would help you get a job, etc. But I just didn’t get the appeal. Why would I want to e-mail a stranger (or […]

3 Books to Read if You Want to Do What You Love and Be Able to Eat

At the start of college (or even last year) if you had asked me what a job entailed I would have said a desk in a cubicle, working at least 9-5, a lot of CCing on e-mails, and playing to office politics. I thought that if you didn’t have one of these traits in your […]

10 Companies You Should Want to Work For

My friends at USA Today College (by the way, I’m writing another piece for them due out at the end of the month! So excited!) just released this great article called 10 Companies You Should Want to Work For. Take a peek if you have a minute. I’ve gotten really interested in how people find/create […]

More About On A Good Note Designs

We’re currently in the middle of an awesome giveaway from On a Good Note Designs. There’s still time for you to enter to win a pack of pretty stationery. All you have to do is leave a comment here (at the bottom of the post) OR tweet me OR email me (lauren@lifewithlauren.com) and tell me which […]