How Drunk Can You Get at Your Office Party?

Tonight is my first office holiday party and I have high expectations. I work in the family business. I’ve known many of my co-workers for quite some time. However this is my first holiday party as a real adult of legal drinking age. I’m kind of excited. I also love dressing up, which adds to […]

If I Were The Boss…

I recently discovered an awesome website/blog called Pursuing Our Passion. It’s was founded by two friends who left their fancy shmancy jobs to, yeah you guessed it, pursue their passion and start their own business. The women, Jill and Jenn, believe that you should have a job you love and that treats you well. I […]

A Day in the Family Business

I work with both my parents and my boyfriend. Yes, it has the makings of a great reality show. There’s always some hilarity, a little bit of drama, and a generally high entertainment factor. If we did, in fact, have our own show (which I still don’t understand why we don’t) today would have been […]

Today Was Almost As Awkward As An Episode of The Office

Part of the reason why I am obsessed with The Office is because the situations in the show are so hilariously awkward. Also, I love how Kevin talks like Cookie Monster. And I think Jim is a serious hottie. Anyway, life imitated art for me today as I had one of the most awkward days […]

How I Conquered Stage Fright

Happy Monday, everyone! This past weekend was one of the busiest I’ll have all year at work. We put on a huge city-wide festival and I was filming stuff to put on our Facebook, Twitter and websites. I was also taking pictures, and Tweeting/Facebooking up a storm. The other part of the job included making […]