Workin' On My Night Moves

C and I are leaving soon to go see Bob Seger in concert. I am beyond excited. Bob Seger is amazing. If you don't know Bob Seger, you probably actually do and just don't realize it. He has hits such as this … [Continue reading]

How About A Light RomCom on A Friday Night?

I don't normally cave in to peer pressure. I don't do drugs and I don't smoke. If everyone else jumped off a bridge, I would try to convince them not to. I would certainly not join in on the jumping. So when the rest of America was going crazy for … [Continue reading]

I'm Graduating College…Now What?

I have a lot of friends who are seniors in college, so I spend quite a bit of time talking with them about ::gasp:: GRADUATING (insert horror movie scream here).  College, like Disneyworld, could probably be considered the happiest place on earth. … [Continue reading]

I Am a Jerk

All day today I was nervous with anticipation about our double date with our across-the-hall neighbor and his girlfriend. I surveyed many of my co-workers asking a.) if they thought this double date was going to be a disaster and b.) where they … [Continue reading]

A Blind (Double) Date

Today C and I were coming back from grabbing some dinner when we ran into our across-the-hall neighbor. He seems really nice. We've talked to him once or twice since we've moved in. He's two years younger than us and lives with his mom and two … [Continue reading]