Love Thy Neighbor…

This weekend was one of the happiest weekends ever, because C and I are finally (almost) completely moved out of our old apartment! Rejoice! Don't get me wrong, the old apartment itself was nice enough. Two bedrooms, one bathroom. It even had a … [Continue reading]

Trust No One Today

For the past few years, I have tried to pull an April Fool's prank on my poor mother. Let me just say, my mother is one of the greatest and most hilarious people you will ever meet. She is sarcastic and smart and would do anything for anyone. The … [Continue reading]

The New Kardashians

After much debate, I have finally done what feels right and tried to get my family on a reality show. Here's how it began...I was looking for something on Google one day when I came across a production company that is looking to film a reality show … [Continue reading]

The Importance of the Follow-Up

Let's face it, you are busy. I am busy. We are busy, busy people.  No matter what stage of life you are in, you are probably checking your e-mail as you think about what you're going to make for dinner while you answer your phone. We live in the … [Continue reading]

You're A Professional Until Someone Reminds You that You Used to Have a Bowl Cut

So my boss (who is not my dad) has been in and out of the office for the last few weeks due to health problems. We had a meeting this morning and she asked if I would take care of her agenda for her. I was thrilled because it meant she trusted me … [Continue reading]