Happy St. Patrick's Day

Since I'm 1/4 Irish, I take St. Patrick's Day very seriously. However, I found that the holiday is not nearly as fun when you're working full time. Instead of posting up at the bar like I did in college, I was at my desk continuing with business as … [Continue reading]

Make New Friends But Keep The Old…Wait ,What Was That First Part?

Living in a small city has many, many advantages. For example, it takes me 15 minutes to get to work (on a bad day), my rent for my 2 bedroom apartment is literally 1/3 of what my friends in New York City pay for their closet-sized apartments, … [Continue reading]

Health Update

After much hacking, sniffling, spitting and other disgusting things, my mother and other co-workers finally convinced/forced me to go see a doctor. Turns out I have severe bronchitis. Okay then. The doctor said if I hadn't come in, it would have … [Continue reading]

Dayquil Haze

I am on Day 3 of fighting some awful, terrible, flu-like virus. I'm telling you, this thing is mean. If any part of this post doesn't make sense, it's because I'm relying on Dayquil to take away the headache, body ache, sore throat, disgusting … [Continue reading]

The Search for the Perfect Scent

For as long as I can remember, I've been wearing Polo Ralph Lauren Blue. It's a gorgeous, feminine, floral scent and I adore it. However, they recently stopped selling it in stores. Tragic. I'd been thinking about buying a new scent for a while, but … [Continue reading]