Why You Should Treat Your Friends Like the Kardashians

I'm a shameless Kardashian supporter. Go ahead and judge me. I know they've had tons of plastic surgery. I know they'll do anything to stay famous. I get that. But I also think they're family-oriented marketing geniuses, and something about them … [Continue reading]

The One Adjustment You Can Use To Make Any Relationship Better

There are a lot of instances in life when you have to advocate on your own behalf. When you're applying for a job or want a raise, for instance. If you don't talk about how awesome you are, the people in charge won't know and you won't get what … [Continue reading]

I Hate Online Dating for the Same Reason I Love/Hate Forever 21

I hate online dating for the same reason I equal parts love and hate Forever 21. It's completely overwhelming. Both are supposed to be fun and positive, and I know this deep down, but both are also too much to process. I end up wandering into Forever … [Continue reading]

Five Tips on Tough Conversations for Non-Confrontational People

I'm one of the least confrontational people you'll ever meet, and it's not because I claim to be an angel of a person or anything. It's mostly that I hate tension. I can't stand knowing that someone is mad at me or may be unhappy with a message I … [Continue reading]

How to Make the Worst Part of Your Job Not Be So Terrible

I don't care whether you're a supermodel or a dog trainer or a neurosurgeon; there's going to be a part of your job that just sucks. You hate it and that's the way it is. For me, the traveling part of my job is the part I can't stand. When I get … [Continue reading]