How to Protect Your Happiness

I'd consider myself an empathetic person, which I think has some perks. I can put myself in someone else's shoes and provide comfort during tough times. But being empathetic comes with a downside, namely that other people's moods easily influence my … [Continue reading]

I’d Like to Argue That Nice Guys Don’t Actually Finish Last

Hey! Nice Guys Don't Finish Last (1)

There's a notion that floats around the dating world about how nice guys finish last. Women love bad boys and jerks, apparently. I can honestly confirm that this is a lie, at least for me. But this also doesn't mean that I'm searching for a doormat. … [Continue reading]

For When You’re Feeling Super Overwhelmed…

Feeling Overwhelmed- (2)

This past week I had way too many projects to finish. I was also overtired, probably hormonal, and completely overwhelmed. As a result, I had to lie on the floor of my living room and cry for seven minutes or so. Then I had to reread a section from … [Continue reading]

I Just Read the Most Beautifully Written Book I’ve Read in a LONG Time


*I love to read and started a Book Club when I moved to Charlotte (nerd alert, I know) so I thought it would be fun to have a book-focused feature on my blog. If you're a reader like me, I'd love to hear about what you've read recently or are looking … [Continue reading]

Get People to Read Your Stuff: Two Tools That Make it Happen

Make People Want to Read the Stuff You

Whether you're a blogger or do content creation for work, most of us are putting stuff out there on the Internet that we want other people to read. We're also doing our fair share of the reading (slash Buzzfeed quiz taking, let's be honest) so we … [Continue reading]