3 Completely Free Ways to Support The People You Love

Every few weeks or so, I'll scroll through my e-mail as my alarm is going off and see that a friend from college has sent me a message. He's a night owl, so the e-mail probably came in somewhere between 2 and 4 a.m. The subject lines are cryptic, and … [Continue reading]

The Best Thing I Got in The Mail (That I Didn’t Order From Amazon)

I rarely check my mail anymore. Unless I'm expecting something from a client, I know it's mostly going to be junk. But yesterday I had just finished a run and wasn't quite ready to go inside yet (it's been GORGEOUS in Charlotte lately), so I decided … [Continue reading]

Beware The Assholes Who Roam Among Us

The world is full of assholes. I've always known this, but luckily my dealings with this breed of human have been fairly limited thus far. When you're dating, however, you meet a higher volume of people. This means that you're eventually going to end … [Continue reading]

Read This Book And Stop Verbally Abusing Your Creative Self

When you're creating something, it's normal to feel insecure. You're putting your emotions into the work, and that makes you vulnerable. This vulnerability can be useful, as it often pushes you to create smarter/better. You don't want to blast … [Continue reading]

Why You Could Benefit From “Professional ADD”

Like every writer/human, I struggle with bouts of self doubt. One thing that triggers this doubt is the fear that my attention is too divided when it comes to my career. I'm doing blogging, magazine/newspaper writing, copywriting, radio, and … [Continue reading]