My Memoir is Going to Be Called “Everyone I Know is Getting Married and I Woke Up in a Power Rangers Shirt”

Everyone I know is getting married. Every. single. person. Okay, not really, but sometimes it truly feels like I'm the only unattached person left on this planet. They're going to have to put me on an endangered species list or something. This … [Continue reading]

The One Thing We All Forget About Relationships

I have many smart and wonderful friends, but the other night I was out with one especially smart and wonderful one, my pal Katie. She's been dating a great guy for a while, so I like to chat with her about relationships, especially when I'm having a … [Continue reading]

What I’ve Learned About Sad Things, Carson Daly, and Pizza

I came of age in the early 2000s, so it's probably not a shock to you that Carson Daly is one of my ultimate crushes. I remember many things about his life, but one story that's always stuck with me is that he found out his mom had cancer, then … [Continue reading]

The Realization I Had About My Personality That Changed Everything

I've always considered myself emotional. If someone makes an offhand comment to me, three hours later I'm probably still analyzing what they meant by it. I can definitely use my powers of sensitivity for good and not evil (I listen well and give good … [Continue reading]