And The Most Important Trait You Can Have When You’re Dating Is…

Everyone has different things they're looking for when it comes to a romantic partner. For me, a sense of humor and the ability to be quick on your feet are essential. If you've got a few one-liners and witty responses up your sleeve, I'm sold. But … [Continue reading]

This One Time John Mayer Said Something Really, Really Smart And We Should All Think About It

We all know that John Mayer is a wonderful singer, songwriter, and guitar player. We also know that sometimes he doesn't always think before he speaks, resulting in cringe-worthy interviews. But I was watching an acoustic show of his and heard him … [Continue reading]

Casual Dating Has Officially Died, I Think. RIP.

I've complained before, both on this blog and to anyone who will listen to me in person, about how no one dates anymore. "Dates" are meeting up after you've both been out doing other things or getting coffee or getting drinks in a very last-minute … [Continue reading]

The Thing I Finally Realized About Why My Relationship Ended

I used to think that relationships were all about having amazing chemistry with someone. You should always want to be touching and flirting with each other. People should be jealous of that obvious spark between you two. I still believe … [Continue reading]

The 3 Old School Dating Rules I Still Support

I think of myself as a pretty forward-thinking person, especially when it comes to relationships. I'm highly focused on my career, and could never be with someone who doesn't respect that. I believe guys and girls are equals, and that many … [Continue reading]