Why Car Shopping and Dating Are the Same, Basically

My lease on my little Toyota was expiring in September so after a whole lot of procrastination, I decided to start searching for a new car. I’d never been to a car dealership alone before, as ridiculous as that might sound. I’d always had my dad with me, and I felt confident knowing that he was […]

The Rituals All Single People Should Have

I love a lot of things about being single. Some of these include: Watching whatever craptastic programming I feel like on television. Though as of late I’ve actually just been rewatching The Office, which is an excellent show and I’m not ashamed at all about it. Sleeping like a starfish in the dead center of my […]

Why Dating Shouldn’t Be Like Amazon Prime

I’ve got it bad for Amazon Prime. I think it’s magical that I can order a fascinator for a steeplechase event I’m going to this weekend (so fun, right!?) and it’ll be on my doorstep in two days. A fascinator! How random! And yet there it is, waiting for me to use it to enact all […]

The Surprisingly Non-Depressing Realizations I’ve Had After Two Years of Being Single

Today is my two-year single anniversary. My single-versary, I guess you could call it. I sort of figured it was coming up, but then I logged onto Timehop and saw a bunch of vague, semi-emo posts and I was like, “Ahhh, yep. There it is.” Being single for a long time has its depressing moments, […]

Why All Single People Should Be Friends With Someone in A Really Serious Relationship

Somehow our culture has created this Jets versus Sharks vibe between single people and relationship people. It’s a little more subtle than that (and less dancing too, unfortunately), but there’s still a rivalry. If you’re coupled up, you get to sit with the grownups at Thanksgiving. Single? Go help little Jayden and Tinsley cut their […]